The COVID-19 pandemic has made it apparent that our current food production system is unsustainable.

Domestically, we rely on new immigrants and temporary foreign workers to do the most precarious work, as demonstrated by outbreaks in meat processing plants and farms. Globally, Ontario imports $20 billion in food products, when studies have found that half of this could be produced domestically and that 10% of Toronto’s fresh vegetables could be produced within the city.

The city of Toronto owns and operates 5 golf courses, where a game costs $55 on average.

While these courses provide access to the sport at a reduced rate, the majority of these courses were established in the 1950s and 60s, when the surrounding suburbs were first developed.

Now, 4 of these courses are located in low income neighbourhoods. With a 15.5% decline in rounds played across North America in the last decade, it time to reconsider the use of these sites.

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